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Release notes

1.8 - Gloom

  • Added dutch auction support
  • Introduced user updates, now you can tell your followers what's going on
  • Redesigned home and collection pages

1.7 - Slung

  • Redesigned home page
  • Added top buyers, sellers and collections sections
  • Added better rankings
  • Redesigned activity page

1.6 - Heist

  • Increased the size of NFT image
  • Added more NFTs from artist when viewing NFT page
  • Improved NFT full-screen mode
  • Completed infrastructure for multi-chain support
  • Added Latest Artwork to home page
  • Various bug fixes
  • UI improvements and fixes

1.5 - Squad

  • Added activiy tab on user profiles
  • Added ability to like NFT comments
  • Added redundancy to IPFS pins

1.4 - Found

Filters redesign

We did some styling and functional changes to our NFT filters. Now it's easier to filter NFTs on explore and artist pages.

Other changes

  • Implemented various END token vesting components
  • Refactored parts of the system to support multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and NEAR
  • Various bug fixes

1.3 - Smelt

We did some styling and functional changes to our navigation bar. We improved the search bar, so now you can see search results more clearly.


Now you can receive notifications in-app too, not only via email. There is a new notification button in the navigation bar where you can see the latest events that happened with your account.

Other changes

  • Added option to filter user NFTs by collection.
  • Added activity tab on collection page
  • Increased file upload size limit from 32MB to 50MB
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

1.2 - Choke


Added option to tip another user for some amount of ether. You can do this from NFT and account pages.


Rankings is the new page where you can see some interesting metrics like:

  • top collections
  • top sellers
  • top buyers
  • most liked NFTs

Activities and Rankings pages are grouped together in a new navigation item called Stats.


Badges are introduced as a recognition for our users and artists. There are 4 of them:

  • USER - you earn this badge by setting up your username
  • COLLECTOR - you earn this badge by buying one or more NFTs in our marketplace
  • VERIFIED ARTIST - these are artists verified by Endemic team
  • SUPERSTAR - this is badge for truly premium artists

Other changes

  • Option to resend email address verification every minute
  • Cropping profile image and collection image
  • Added reminder to cancel NFT auction if trying to transfer NFT that is on sale
  • Social links on collection page
  • Various bugfixes
  • Performance improvements

1.1 - Cynic

NFT offers

Added ability to make an offer in ETH for an NFT. You decide how much you're willing to offer and NFT owner decides if he wants to sell. Owner can see received offers in 2 ways.

  • NFT Details - we added new tab Offers on NFT page. Tab contains all the offers received for the particular NFT
  • Offers Page - from the account dropdown user can navigate to offers page. From there user can see all offers for every NFT that he currently owns

Email notifications

You can now enter and verify your email with Endemic. Verifying email will allow you to receive notifications about various events that happen on Endemic. Email and notifications can be setup on the profile settings page. We currently support 5 events:

  • NFT comments - when somebody leaves comment on your NFT
  • NFT likes - when somebody likes your NFT
  • New followers - when somebody follows you
  • NFT sold - when somebody buys your NFT
  • NFT offer received - when somebody offers to buy your NFT
  • NFT offer accepted - when somebody accepts your offer to buy an NFT

3D model support

Added support for .glb files. Uploading glb files requires additional thumbnail to be uploaded.

Other changes

  • Added support for new lines in NFT descriptions and user bios
  • Added support for webm video files
  • Codebase preparations for multi-chain support
  • Discord sales bot
  • Various bugfixes
  • Performance improvements